Student Life

A student’s life at the University of Minnesota is not only about academics, but it includes many other aspects from personal health to housing. Below you’ll find some of the essential information and resources related to living the Golden Gopher life.  

Get Connected

Take the time to get connected on campus. Whether you take a leadership role in a student group or hang out for the free pizza, it is important to find your connections at the U of M. The Transfer Student Network, or our other transfer experience programs,  is a great place to start. You can find other opportunities by using the Universities 7 Ways to Engage to find social, volunteer, internship, and student groups related to your specific interests.

Getting Around

No matter where you are coming from, getting to campus is easy with the variety of transportation options!


Walking around campus is always a quick and easy way to get to your classes. You can use the Gopher Way to get to and from some buildings without going outside. The Parking and Transportation website has walking times between major building so you can plan out how long it may take you to get from one place to the next. If you are ever walking alone, day or night, you can call a campus security guard to walk with you for free at 624-WALK. They will walk you to your location within the campus area.


Biking can be a quick, cost-efficient way to travel to and from campus. There are many places to park your bike on campus. Be sure to check out the road rules and bike safety information before you travel to campus by bike.

Campus Connector/Circulator

There are two campus buses that you can take to help you navigate campus; the campus connector and the campus circulator. The Campus Connector takes you to all 3 campuses, East Bank, St. Paul, and West Bank. There are two Campus Circulators that only stop on 1 bank each; either East Bank or St. Paul.

Metro Bus

There are many Metro Bus lines that pass through or near campus. You can get a U-PASS, a discounted bus pass specifically for U of M students, to save on your bus trips. The U-PASS works anytime on any of the metro lines including the Light Rail. This is a quick, convenient, and cost-efficient way to use the city buses.


There are many different options for parking on or near campus. Each option varies in price. You can apply to be in a lottery for a contract spot and only pay a fee once a semester. Other options include daily and hourly lots and metered parking. It is important to be aware of the signs near the area that you park so that you follow parking regulations and avoid getting a ticket. These regulations are different on days when there is a snow emergency.


There are many decisions to make about housing and it is important to start thinking about your next year’s housing early. It’s never too soon to consider who you want to live with, what kind of place you are looking for, where you want to live, and how much you want to pay. However, it is important to not rush your decision. Check out on-campus options and several of the off-campus options. Are having trouble with a landlord or a lease agreement? Touch base with Student Legal Services before renting or if you’re having trouble and you’re in a bind.



While on you are on campus, you will probably get hungry. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or a hot cup of coffee, the U has the place for you. Getting tired of the same place on campus? You can find a new place to try on East/West Banks and St. Paul from the University Dining Services website.


Don’t forget to check out the off-campus dining options too. Stadium Village located east of the East Bank has many coffee shops, fast food restaurants, and a variety of ethnic restaurants. Dinkytown, located just north of the U of M’s east bank, boasts many coffee shops, night life restaurants, and well-known places to dine.

Twin Cities

The University of Minnesota has a distinct advantage as a part of the Twin Cities, a major metropolitan area. No matter what season it is, there are always plenty of things to do for everyone. Get to know the wonderful cities of  St. Paul and Minneapolis that you live in and everything they have to offer.

Health and Wellness

There are many great resources on campus to keep you healthy and feeling like yourself. Take advantage of the U’s Recreation and Wellness facility that opened in the Fall of 2013. Boynton Health Services can help you to stay healthy both mentally and physically so that you can do your best in your classes.