The University Transfer Student Board (UTSB) is a central student organization whose purpose is to:

  1. Provide leadership and support for transfer-specific campus organizations.
  2. Provide recommendations to the Office of Undergraduate Education to enhance the transfer student experience.

The responsibilities of UTSB include:

  1. Provide a forum for students to discuss concerns or issues which impact the university’s transfer student population.
  2. Identify ways to address concerns of the transfer population.
  3. Serve as a consultative body for units throughout the University who are seeking a transfer student viewpoint on a matter of interest.
    1. Consultation with the Advisory Board will primarily take place during in-person meetings of the group; however, consultation may take place via electronic means when necessary.
  4. Maintain representation from colleges and/or student groups serving transfer students.
  5. Develop programming and initiatives to support the university transfer community.

To connect with UTSB, send an email to utsb@umn.edu

UTSB Meetings & Events: