Your student account

You can view your student account, pay your tuition bill, and check your current financial aid status on MyU, under the My Finances tab. Visit the One Stop website for more general information about tuition, financial aid, or to speak with someone about your student account.

If you have concerns about paying your tuition or about your financial aid please contact a One Stop counselor right away. We want to help you address any financial concerns early on, before they become a larger issue.


The Undergraduate Scholarship Search generates a list of U of M scholarships that you are eligible to receive. Transfer students who are members of Tau Sigma are eligible to apply for transfer specific national scholarships based on academic merit.

Financial Wellness Appointments

OneStop offers individual appointments with financial counselors for students who are looking for guidance on student loans and interest payments, budgeting, understanding credit card debt, and other personal finance topics.

Save Money

Finances are tough in college so you may be looking for ways to keep it on the cheap! Live Like a Student campaign provides great info to help you save money, budget, and manage the costs of college. Join the email list for fresh ideas.

Finding a Job

On-campus jobs have the advantage of being flexible to your school schedule and close to your classes.

Some students may be eligible for a financial aid work study. This form of financial aid provides job opportunities on campus for students to work for allotted funds based on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) .