Questions for Transfer Specialist Meeting

Application Process

  • What are the admission requirements?
  • What is the application process and application deadline?
  • Are students able to submit supplemental information with the application?
  • What makes an applicant competitive?
  • What are the major and minors offered in this College?
  • Does the U of M offer related majors I should also look into?

Course Transfer & Degree Planning

  • How will my credits transfer?
  • Are there classes I can take ahead of time at my current school, even if they are not required for admission? Are there classes I should not take prior to admission?
  • Are there classes that have to be taken within a certain time period of admission?
  • How long will it take me to graduate once admitted?


  • Are there scholarships available for transfer students?
  • When/how do I apply for financial aid?
  • What is the cost of attendance (including books and other supplies)?
  • How can I find an on-campus job?
  • Do students in this major typically work while in school? How many hours a week?


  • How can I apply for on-campus housing or find housing near campus?

Planning for Success: Campus Community & Support

  • Are there students groups for my intended major? What about groups related to my other interests?
  • What career services are available to students?
  • Do students in my intended college/major typically do internships? If so, at what point can they do them and how do they find them?
  • What tutoring/academic support is available for students?
  • How do I get involved in research as a student?
  • When is a good time to study abroad in this major? Where do students go? Is funding available?